Grading Policy: The final grade will be averaged from the following:

Projects - 50%
Exercises - 20 %
Sketchbook - 20%
Final Project - 10%

Any grade concerns should be addressed before the end of the semester.
Final grades will not be altered under any circumstances.

Projects: Three major graded projects will be completed during the semester. Work is expected to be presented and mounted cleanly as required. Project grades will be lowered five points per class for late completion (includes work not complete or mounted by crit.) Students may resubmit projects for an improved grade. Original grade sheets should be included and resubmissions will be graded and averaged with the original grade for a final grade. In addition, in-class exercises will be collected and reviewed using a ten point scale. For the final project, students wil be expected to demonstrate proficiency of the skills learned throughout the semester in a timed still life drawing.

Critiques: Students will be required to participate in group critiques. These will promote dialogue as a learning tool, as students will be expected to constructively express critical analysis. It is expected that students keep notes of critical discussions.

Sketchbooks: A sketchbook will be required for both in-class and homework exercises. Each week the class will be given specific observational assignments to be completed in the sketchbook. In addition students are encouraged to include free drawings based on observed subjects of their choice in varied media. These drawings will be eligible for extra-credit points on the overall sketchbook grade. Students are encouraged to include independent work and analysis of critiques in the sketchbook as well as assignments. Extra credit write-ups will also be accepted for students that attend selected lectures and events. Sketchbooks will be reviewed at mid-term and again at the final class meeting.