Note: This schedule is intended as a general guide to course projects and is subject to change. Exact dates and requirements will be issued in class.

1/16 - Introduction
General introduction of course outline, including grading policies, classroom and attendance requirements. The fundamental operations of the computer and its terminology will be explained in most basic terms. The Macintosh operating system will be introduced and explored in a guided tour of the system. Important features will be highlighted and discussed, including server usage, general file maintenance and saving procedures.After a brief summary of the course objectives, Photoshop will be introduced.

Photoshop Review: Image Editing
Following a basic overview of the Photoshop interface, techniques for utilizing the selection tools will be explored. The most important fundamental skill will be the ability to select areas that are to be manipulated.
Exercise: Mr. Melon Head - This exercise will introduce selection tools, copy and paste commands and basic layer management.

1/18 - Photo Retouching
Tutorial: Beginning with a comprehensive introduction to image, print and monitor resolution, this lesson will introduce adjustments of value and color and the tools used for photographic correction.
Exercise: Photo Corrections: Students will attempt to correct poor quality photographs using the previously explained techniques.

1/23 Introduction to Image Effects, Modes and Filters - Creative Exploration
Some of the unique options of Photoshop will be explored including filters and basic image effects. Students will also learn the basics of scanning, as well as proper saving procedures and file formats.
Exercise: Filter Variations - Students will explore the creative options of Photoshop by manipulating an image in five filtered variations.
Hand-out: Scanning Instructions for Wilbur Mac Lab

1/25-1/30 Project: Self-Portrait
Students will be expected to utilize multiple images and creative effects of Photoshop in order to create a non-traditional self-portrait. Although images of the student are not required, the capabilities of the program should be utilized to create an image that focuses on the character and personality of the artist.
Graded project due mounted for critique 2/2
Hand-out: Output Instructions for Wilbur Mac Lab

2/6-2/15 Project: Global Union Mural Design Competition
To commemorate the tenth anniversary of Lehigh’s Global Union this spring, students will participate in a design competition to create concepts for a full-scale mural to be housed in the Global Union facility in Coxe Hall. The design should reflect the mission of the Global Union whose purpose is to provide an international experience to every student, faculty, and staff member on campus through interactive educational, cultural, and social programming. With that in mind, here are some concepts that could be explored:
• Images of leaders and influential figures, past and present who have had an impact around the world.
• Images that highlight international landmarks of historical, cultural, artistic, or religious importance.
• Images that capture the struggle for freedom, equality, respect, and humanity.
• Images that connect global issues to Lehigh
Typography may be incorporated and should focus on:
• A message written in many different languages. i.e. (“unity and hope”)
• Quotations that express multiculturalism, define moments in history, and the mission of the GU ed for critique 2/20

2/22 - Illustrator Review: Vector Drawing
Differences between vector and raster-based programs will be examined with the review of Illustrator. The lessons will focus on working with the pen and selection tools to gain an understanding of anchor points, segments, direction lines and Bezier curves.
Exercise 1: Drawing with the Pen -Introduction to the pen and selection tools.
Exercise 2: Tracing Exercise - Students will practice the art of manipulating anchor points by tracing over an existing line art image.

2/27 3/1 - Illustrator Review:
Typography and Organizational Systems
Project: Project: Alphabet Soup
Students will focus on the typographic capabilities of Illustrator to create a composition made only of the twenty-six letters of the alphabet. Multiple type faces, outlined text variations, path and area type are all available for use, but no color is permitted (composition may contain varieties of gray including gradients). Emphasis will be on organizing complex elements through use of selection tools, arrangement commands, layers and other organizational systems.
Graded project due mounted for critique 3/13

3/3 - 3/8 - No classes - spring break

3/13-3/20 Project: Logo and Business Card Design
Using Illustrator, students will create a comprehensive logo and business card package for a new restaurant in Philadelphia. The identity should reflect the character of the restaurant. Emphasis will be on creating a consolidated and dynamic logo that will reduce clearly on the business card. Imported graphics from other sources, as well as elements created in the program may be utilized. Organized layout and type setting on the business card will also be stressed.
Graded project due mounted for critique 3/22

3/27 -3/29 Project: Menu design
Using the previously designed identity for Cochon, students will carry over the general theme into a dynamically designed menu. Alternative formats including die-cut and alternative folds may be incorporated, but the design should incorporate a cover and two-page center spread. The menu should reflect the character of the restaurant. Organized typographic layout will be stressed, as will incorporation of additional graphics and textures. Imported graphics from other sources, as well as elements created in the program may be utilized.
For the initial mock-up I would like to see a hand-drawn rough assembly of the layout.
The final submission of the menu should be neatly assembled and may be mounted to a thicker folded stock.
Graded project due mounted for critique 4/3

4/3 Review Page Layout: Quark Xpress
The interface of Quark Xpress will be reviewed including multiple page document set up, master pages, importing and editing of text and graphics and the usage of style sheets.

4/5 - 4/12 Project: Two-page Publication Spread
Students will use current content from Rolling Stone to create a pair of two-page spreads. The first spread will be used for one of the two featured cover stories. (Due to the length of the articles, copy may be edited for graphic purposes.) The second spread will be created from a selection of smaller articles provided and must also include a graphic display for one of the four provided lists. The spreads must include examples of the following:
• Supporting images and/or graphics (not supplied)
• Headline and deck or kicker
• Byline
• Folio line
• Pull Quote
• Subhead or crosshead
• Initial Cap
• Additional separation /containment graphics (boxes, sidebar, rules etc.)
Graded project due mounted for critique 4/17

4/12 -Field Trip - Printing Press
Students will experience the production end of print graphics with a comprehensive tour of a printing facility.

4/17 -4/26 - CD Package Design
Students will utilize both programs where appropriate to create a comprehensive CD package. Emphasis will be on creating a cohesive design that relates throughout the entire package. Photographic manipulation and other raster effects should be completed in Photoshop, while final type setting and layout should be completed in Illustrator for clean vector output.
Due mounted for critique 4/26