Students are expected to attend all classes, lectures and field trips. In addition to the completion of individually graded projects, students will be required to participate in group critiques that will follow concluding projects. Students will also receive grades for successful completion of in-class exercises.

Final Grading
Graded Projects - 50%
Final Project - 30%
File Maintenance - 10%
Class Participation - 10%

Students are reminded that their grade represents an evaluation of their submitted work only, and should not be misconstrued as a personal statement.

Projects: Projects will be introduced during class and may consist of various parts. Work is expected to be presented and mounted cleanly as required. In addition to graded assignments, in class assignments will be collected and reviewed using a ten point scale. These will be factored into the cumulative project grade. Student work may be reproduced for sample material in print and on-line.A final project will represent the culmination of the lessons throughout the semester, brought together in a well-conceived, finished product. Project grades will be lowered five points per class for late completion (includes work not complete or mounted at the start of deadline class) Students may request to resubmit projects for an improved grade. Resubmissions will be graded and averaged with the original grade for a final grade.

Critiques: Students will be required to participate in group critiques and topical discussions. These will promote dialogue as a learning tool, as students will be expected to utilize proper vocabulary in expressing their critical analysis.

File Maintenance: A mandatory shutdown and restart will begin each class.
Organization of files is of great importance when working with digital graphics. Files should be kept in individual folders along with any accompanying files necessary for output. Periodic disk checks will be used to review file maintenance. Backing up work is extremely important as well. Please keep an extra disk, or utilize a home computer or the designated server space for back up purposes. Technical failure will not be acceptable excuse for late work.