Output Instructions

Images can be printed in the RL AV Center using the AV Color Printer 2. AV Purchase cards are available at the bookstore and must be presented when printing on the color laser printer. (Make sure you purchase the BLUE purchase card.) Students may also use the Bear Bucks debit system. Print cost is $1.00 per sheet. (11” x 17” is $2.00)
(Note: You will not be allowed to print on specialty papers using the AV printers.)

The files must be printed out from computers in the AV Mac Lab (outside of RL 16) and the AV staff needs to be notified when you’re ready to print. It is recommended that you send a print to the b/w laser printer in RL 16 for a test of format and size.

Students may also use color inkjet on glossy or high-quality paper.
Before printing make sure the image is :
• flattened
• in CMYK mode (Image>Mode>CMYK)
• proper size and resolution (Image>Image size)
Under Page Setup (File>Page Setup) make sure you have the correct orientation
selected, (Landscape or Portrait) and the correct size (letter- not letter small). If the computer shows “Image is larger than printable area, some clipping will occur” Reduce the output percentage in page setup, or reduce the actual image size. (Remember that most printers cannot print a full bleed, so if your image is 8.5” x 11” it will be cropped.)

For critique:
Please save one version of your file for use in the on-screen critique. This file should be flattened, in RGB mode and 72 ppi. Final size should be less than 2MB. Files will be collected in the “In- Box” located in my faculty folder on the Instructional software server at the beginning of class. Items placed in the In-Box will not be viewable by students.

Final Submission:
The high-quality output should be mounted on black board or construction paper, preferably no larger than 9 X 12, with the students name and section (010, 020, 030) legible on back. (Masking tape works well on black cover sheets) A protective cover sheet may be included to protect work from damage, but is not required.
Technical failure will not be an acceptable excuse for late work. Allow plenty of time for error, and avoid last minute back-ups at the printer.