Scanning Instructions
(Instruction for use of Epson Perfection 1240 scanners in RL lab)
1. Make sure scanner is turned on (switch is on front of scanner)
Also make sure the scanner bed is clean. Glass cleaner is available at AV desk
2. Place item to be scanned face down evenly on scanner.
Three dimensional items should be covered as best as possible ( a box or coat works well)
3. Open Photoshop from the Dock.
4. From the File menu, select Import > Epson 1240 (or Twain Acquire)
5. Epson Twain 5 window will be launched> Make sure to use Professional mode, not Auto.
6. From the options choose : flatbed; color photo (or other appropriate setting for your scan); 200ppi; 100% scale (try to set scale as close as possible to the size you intend to use the image)
If the image is screened (from printed media - magazines, postcards etc.) select the appropriate descreen mode from the Image Type menu - if you are scanning photographs or original art make sure the descreen is off
7. Select Preview for a quick lo-res scan
8. Using the rectangle marquee tool , crop the image area you would
like to scan
9. Select Scan
10. Save the file to Students>Documents folder. PSD format is fine.
11. Insert your zip and copy the file from the Documents folder onto your disk or log on to the Student Projects server and copy the file to your folder.