Although materials and technique for painting in the outdoors will be covered, the primary objective of the course will be an introduction to heightened experience through observation and response. From introduction to materials and technique, to design and color theory, this class will create the foundation for creating observed response through various media while exploring the exciting and unpredictable subject of landscape. Emphasis will be placed on the art of recording observations and experiences through artistic media, and less so on the polished product.

Lecture/Exercise Period: The Wednesday evening class will focus on preparation of materials as well as exercises to familiarize students with materials and technique. We will also review work from previous travel excursions in a weekly critique.

Travel Excursions: The Thursday class will consist of a travel day to a local outdoor site. In addition to painting, the trips will focus on the unpredictability of nature and necessary preparations for working outdoors. Some trips may require moderate hiking.
While water based media are suggested for ease of use and clean-up students may opt to work with oils or additional media. In the event of a rainout, the class will meet in the studio for an in-class working period.
Please arrive early for road trips with a packed lunch. Departures will not be delayed for missing students.
Note: Students will be required to fill out a liability waiver in order to attend field trips

Some common sense rules for the outdoors:
1. No defacing or altering natural areas - take only pictures (or sketches)-leave only footprints
2. If you pack it in-pack it out. No dumping of hazardous materials. Non-toxic waste water should be dumped away from water sources.
3. No reckless behavior (ie. cliff diving - rope swings- rock climbing)
4. Be aware of wildlife in natural environment
5. Avoid contact with poison ivy and stinging nettles. (carry Benadryl or other medication if you are allergic)
6. Shower thoroughly post-class and check for ticks