The final grade will be averaged from the following:
Weekly on-site projects - 50%
Weekly in-class exercises - 25%
Sketchbook and Travel Journal - 25%

Students are reminded that their grade represents an evaluation of their submitted work only, and should not be misconstrued as a personal statement.

Exercises: In addition to graded assignments, in class assignments will be collected and reviewed using a ten point scale. Completion of in class projects will be factored into the cumulative grade.

Projects: Students will be assessed by the cumulative work from each weekly travel class. This will include sketches and studies as well as finished paintings. Students will also keep a weekly journal that will record reflections and observations from each site. Project grades will be lowered five points per class for late completion. Students may request to resubmit projects for an improved grade. Resubmissions will be graded and averaged with the original grade for a final grade.

Sketchbooks: A sketchbook will be required for in-class exercises and on-site sketches . Students will learn the importance of recording and reviewing ideas in rough forms through thumbnail sketches and color studies. Photographic reference should also be included. Sketchbooks will be reviewed as part of the final grade.

Critiques: Students will be required to participate in group critiques and topical discussions. These will promote dialogue as a learning tool, as students will be expected to utilize proper vocabulary in expressing their critical analysis.