Drawing Materials
Pencil Set (HB - 8B)
Charcoal, Conte Crayon, Oil crayon or other drawing materials*
Color Pastel Set
Higgins Black India Ink
Blending stump
Kneaded Eraser
White Plastic Technical Eraser*
X-Acto Knife & Replacement Blades
Small Pencil Sharpener
Drafting Tape (1/2” or 1/4”)
Workable Fixitive

Painting Materials
Acrylic Paint Set (at least 1.25 oz.)
Paint Brush Set - ranging from small to at least 2”
Watercolor or Gouache
Acrylic Gesso
Oil set
Palette Knife
Mixing/Water Container
Rag or paper towels
Wax palette paper

Sketchbook (preferably hard-bound spiral, 8.5” x 11” minimum)
Small drawing board or collapsable easel
Charcoal & Watercolor Paper
Canvas paper
Watercolor block

Suggested Outdoor Gear
Small backpack or suitable travel bag
Hiking shoes or suitable footwear
Sensible clothing for outdoors including rain gear and layers
Camera and film
Insect Repellent - Deep Woods OFF
Tissues/Toilet paper (many sites will not have restrooms)
Drinking water - snack food
Portable travel seat , or cushion
First Aid Kit*