I think of these as folkloric; legends, myths, personifications of nature forms, and suddenly I see them closer to Chagall, Kandinsky, Klee and Soutine, where the eye is invited in to explore without naming anything, but at the same time being aware of ancient protocol and the command of the natural world through magic.”

- Andrew Forge (1923-2002)
on the paintings of Jason Travers
The results of my creative process have often been identified as folkloric; not in the sense of retelling grand tales of the past, but in creating new legends yet to be told.
Indeed, they are narrative passages, embracing a stage of illusory space that slips and turns, just as the cast of characters and their relationships. I use the word “characters” not only to identify the biomorphic representation within the paintings, but also to explain the presence of life that vibrates in even the structural forms and stray marks. As these forms begin to develop personality and interact, the story unfolds. My role, thus, becomes that of mediator, and even spectator to the events.

-Jason Travers


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