Note: This schedule is intended as a general guide to course projects and is
subject to change. Exact dates and requirements will be issued in class.

Week 1 Introduction to Macintosh
Week 2 Photo Retouching
Week 3 Introduction to Scanning/ Image Effects, Modes and Filters
Weeks 4 & 5 Project: Self-Portrait
Weeks 6 & 7 Image and Text
Weeks 8 & 9 Introduction to Illustrator
Week 10 Introduction to Type - Spatial Concepts & Organizational Systems
Week 11 Personal Logo/Business Card
Week 12 Combining Vector and Raster Based Programs
Week 13 -15 Final Project


Weeks 4 & 5 - Project: Self-Portrait
Students will be expected to utilize multiple images and the creative effects of Photoshop in order to create a non-traditional self-portrait. Although images of the student are not required, the capabilities of the program should be utilized to create an image that focuses on the character and personality of the artist. Final image may be color or grayscale.
Text resources: Chapter 10: Choose Colors; Chapter 15: Layering, Chapter 16: Layer Effects, Chapter 17: Masks; pages 38-39 Blending Modes