Glen Onoko- Jim Thorpe

From the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, take exit 34.
Go west on US-209 through Lehighton. Turn right to PA-903 over Lehigh River into Jim Thorpe. Make a right over the river at the bridge.
After crossing over the bridge, take the first left.
Follow the river, turning left again into Lehigh Gorge State Park on to a dirt road. Follow the road until it crosses over Lehigh River again and turns into a parking lot. This lot can fill up easily on a nice day so if you have problems, park earlier along the side of the road.

From the parking lot in Lehigh Gorge, take the stairs down next to the information kiosk. From there, follow the trail next to the river and cross underneath both bridges. Turn right and walk up the hill to pick up the trail on the other side of the railroad tracks. After entering the forest, the trail immediately forks. Take the right fork and follow it up to Glen Onoko Run (incidentally the left fork also leads to Glen Onoko Run but it means you have to bushwhack up the stream). Follow Glen Onoko Run upstream over the rough and poorly marked trail. There are blue arrow blazes marking the direction. If you follow them (and you should), you will cross over the stream at one point and then cross over again. From there, the slope gets steeper. You’ll know when you reach the falls. Total round trip : 1.3 miles over poorly marked and sometimes steep terrain.

Notes: The most demanding of the excursions, Glen Onoko offers a moderate to strenuous hike/climb to three tiers of waterfalls. Students should streamline supplies for hands-free climbing. The loose gravel and generally treacherous terrain require adequate hiking shoes and even in summer the cool mountain air can be brisk, so dress accordingly. A unanimous choice by students as the most poular hike of the course.

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