Note: This schedule is intended as a general guide to course projects and is
subject to change. Exact dates and requirements will be issued in class.

Week 1 Introduction
Week 2 & 3 Line
Week 4 Shape
Weeks 5 & 6 Space
Weeks 7 & 8 Introduction to Digital Media: Photoshop
Weeks 9 & 10 Introduction to Digital Media: Illustrator
Week 11 Texture
Week 12 & 13 Color
Week 14 -15 Final Project


3/26 - Exercise: Mixing Colors -Using acrylic paint, students will cover a 3” square with small swatches of mixed color. No color should be repeated.
3/31-Exercise: Vibrating Edges - Students will create a cut paper design with two colors that, when placed together, create simultaneous contrast.
Exercise: Making 3 Colors 4 - Students will choose two colors to use as groundsheets, then find a third color that when placed on these groundsheets will develop different qualities on each. The result should appear to be a total of four different colors.
4/7- Project: Color - Four unique cut and paste compositions will be created utilizing the same four color palette. There is no limit on how much or little color is used but each color must be present in each composition. The four colors should be harmonious and represent a full range of value (from dark to light). The ground sheet may consist of a single color or be subdivided. Saturation levels and color schemes should be consistent. Tints and shades may be used, but black, white and grays may not.Due mounted for critique 11/18
4/9 - Color and Emotive Response
Using only non-representational mark making and color, students will create compositions based entirely on responses to emotive words.