Indeterminant Operations: An Art Exhibition Inspired by John Cage
Featured Artists: Tom D'Angelo, Paul Deery, Jason Travers and the students of DES03 & ART11 with special musical guests, Joe Wagner, Scott Young and Nick Merena.

As part of Lehigh's series of events celebrating the hundredth birthday of John Cage, Indeterminant Operations is an exhibition featuring the work of local artists and design students.

Indeterminacy, a term for having an infinite number of possible outcomes, was a concept that Cage embraced in both his musical compositions and visual art. Throughout the semester, students have explored the use of chance operations and random generators as tools to be utilized in the design process. Local artists, including Paul Deery, Tom D'Angelo and Jeff Ludwig also provided informative lectures to discuss the impact of Cage's ideas on their own studio practices.

Several student projects will be on display, including a collective color transposition of an original musical score created by Paul Deery that will also be performed for the first time at the reception by an ensemble featuring jazz guitarist Joe Wagner.

Listen to an MP3 featuring a sample of Paul Deery's chance operation musical composion

Watch the performance video from the reception by Joe Wagner (guitar) Scott Young (bass) & Nick Merena (sax)


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