The final grade will be averaged from the following:
Projects - 60%
Sketchbook - 10%
Quizzes - 10%
Critique Grade - 10%
Final Project - 10%

Students are reminded that their grade represents an evaluation of their submitted work only, and should not be misconstrued as a personal statement.

Projects: Projects will be introduced during class and may consist of various parts. Work is expected to be presented and mounted cleanly as required. In addition to graded assignments, in class assignments will be collected and reviewed using a ten point scale. Completion of in-class exercises will be factored into the cumulative project grade. Student work may be reproduced for sample material in print and on-line.
A final project will represent the culmination of the lessons throughout the semester, brought together in a well-conceived, finished product. Project grades will be lowered five points per class for late completion (includes work not complete or mounted by crit) Students may request to resubmit projects for an improved grade. Resubmissions will be graded and averaged with the original grade for a final grade. Any grade concerns should be addressed before the end of the semester. Final grades will not be altered under any circumstances.
Major project grades are based on the following criteria (25% each):
Solution to Project as Given - This is the overall assesment of the project based on the criteria of the problem (ie. 21=B, 22=B+ 23= A-, etc). Additional points will be deducted from this category if restrictions of the solution are not followed (ie size, format or other specific instructions.)
Aesthetics & Creativity - Assessment based on the level of creativity and overall quality of the design.
Craftsmanship - Overall quality of the work based on execution of craft. Includes quality of line work, neatness of surface, clean cut and paste construction and general quality of execution.
Presentation- Assessment of final presentation of solution. Includes neat and even mounting on proper sized mount as well as usage of protective cover sheet.

Critiques: Students will be required to participate in group critiques and topical discussions. These will promote dialogue as a learning tool, as students will be expected to constructively express critical analysis. Students will also be expected to take notes during critiques, and written analysis will be reviewed with the sketchbook.

Sketchbooks: A sketchbook will be required for thumbnailing and brainstorming design problems. Students will learn the importance of recording and reviewing ideas in rough forms.In addition students will be responsible for weekly sketch assignments. These will be checked at mid-term and again at the conclusion of the semester.Sketchbooks will be reviewed as part of the final grade.