Week 11 - The Portrait
Grid Transposition Portraits
Based on the early grid portraits of artist Chuck Close, students will execute a large scale self-portrait using photographic reference. The initial 8 x 10 photograph will be divided using an inch-square grid. The grid will be transposed at four-times scale for the drawing. (Students may wish to subdivide and label the large grid as well.) The process should focus on the completion of one carefully rendered grid black at a time.

The Portrait
The basics of portrait rendering will be introduced, including structural
development and value mapping, in a single observed drawing.
Sketch Assignment #8: A single observed portrait/ self-portrait value study
Reading Assignment: Chapter 7: Color

Note: This schedule is intended as a general guide to course projects and is
subject to change. Exact dates and requirements will be issued in class.

Week 1 Drawing as a Means of Seeing
Week 2 Gestural Expression
Week 3 Shape: An Irony
Week 4 Diagrammatic & Structural Line
Weeks 5 & 6 Perspective Review and Spatial Study
Weeks 7 & 8 Value
Weeks 9 & 10 Volume
Week 11 The Portrait
Weeks 12 & 13 The Figure
Week 14 Final Project
Week 15 Expressive Exercises in Drawing